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The GForce 2.70 gear kit is available in a dog-ring version. The overdrives are kept synchronized to provide a smooth, stock-like driving experience in 5th and 6th gears. Like the synchronized versions of our gear kits, the dog-ring kit is rated at 1200hp, plus or minus depending on the specific application.

The front plate that has been machined in house to accept a pto driven fluid pump that pulls fluid from the back of the transmission under hard acceleration and sprays the fluid back into the front of the transmission to ensure it never starves for oil and burns up components, this is a common problem on high horsepower cars that accelerate very hard and for long periods of time such as roll racing.

This transmission also includes Calimers 1-2 Steel shift fork.  There is also an option to delete the 5th and 6th gear. Included with this kit is GForce oil, crossmember, bellhousing, and hardware.

Calimer Stage 3 Magnum XL Gforce Gear Set

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