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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do our transmissions come with oil in it?​

A: NO! During shipping if the oil would find its way out the shipping company would halt delivery.​

  • Q: What oil is recommended in a Calimer built 2011 and up Mustang MT-82 transmission?

A: 2 3/4qt. of Amsoil 75-90 Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube.


  • Q: Can i shift my Mustangs MT82 transmission without using the clutch?

A: No, the MT82 is a synchronized transmission and requires use of a clutch.

  • Q:Can I "No lift shift my MT82"?

A: We advise against it, but if you are going to we recommend a WOT box.​

  • Q: What shifter do we recommend for Mustang MT82's?

A: The MGW Race Spec shifter.​

  • Q: Does Calimer's Transmissions work on anything other than Mustang Transmissions?

A: YES!! We will work on any of your performance manual transmissions.

  • Q: Does Calimer's Transmissions sell parts for you to build your own transmission?

A: No. We can not guaranteed a great Calimer Build if it is built outside of our facility.

  • Q: Why have i been waiting so long for my Stage 3 transmission?

A: There has been a shortage in the high quality metals we make our gear sets out of.

  • Q: What slave cylinder should I use with my Mustangs MT82?

A: We highly recommend the stock Ford slave cylinder.​

Calimer's Transmissions recommends an Organic style clutch for our Stage 1 and 2's!


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