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The G-Force GSR is absolutely the end of the line in terms of absolute strength and performance from a 4 speed racing transmission. With its single rail and internally shifted design no other transmission offers the GSR’s uniqueness and versatility. Like the GF4A, the GSR offers both a dual bearing center support and an integrated midplate. Similarly, the GSR offers an internal oil pump of its own that is very similar to the GF4A’s, but unique to the GSR nonetheless. However, an additional feature found on the GSR is its internal shifting mechanism. The GSR incorporates the shifting mechanism directly into the top plate of the transmission. This allows the shifter to be placed directly in the center of the transmission. This innovative feature is crucial when moving the driving position more towards the center of the car.  The internal shifting mechanism found in the GSR has been proven to greatly increase the driver’s ability to accurately and precisely find the correct gear when shifting. The unique internal shifting design of the GSR combined with its revolutionary Long shifter allows the driver to make lightning quick shifts without worrying about accidentally getting the transmission “hung” between two gears. This improves the driver’s focus and ultimately his or her overall performance.  Like the GF4A, the GSR has a traditional 32 spline output and can be had with virtually any input shaft to fit almost any application. Both the case and tailhousing are cast of high-quality magnesium for the ultimate in weight savings and both feature internal and external cast reinforcements. All cases and tailhousings are coated for surface protection and ease of cleaning. Gear ratios are interchangeable and the ease of maintenance on a GSR is second to none. All G-Force GSR transmissions come with a Long Shifter of proprietary design. These Long Shifters are the only suitable shifter for the GSR transmission.  This transmission, like most of our others, can be adapted to almost any bellhousing/clutch combination. We have stock-spline inputs available to suit several import and domestic clutch splines and throw-out bearing combinations. The Honda S2000 input and Nissan input splines are available as well, along with adapter plates to bolt the GSR to a stock bellhousing.



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