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If you are looking to get your Mustang MT82 built by Calimers Transmissions and want an easy, cheaper, and more secure way of shipping it us us here it is.  Calimers Transmissions will ship this easy to load crate to you.  Follow the loading instructions.  Take a picture of the loaded transmission and send it to us at and we will send you a pre paid shipping label to ship it to us.  We will then give you a call to discuss build options.

Customer Build Shipping Package SHIPPING INCLUDED!

  • Remove all of the nuts and washers from the bolts.  Remove screws from both sides holding Part A on.  Remove screws holding Part B on.  Place transmission in the crate with the bellhousing down towards the 4 long bolts. Align the 4 bolt holes and  insert the 4 long bolts through the holes in the crate and bell housing.  Tighten well with washers and nuts.  Re-screw Part B on.  Align the bolt hole and attach the bolt through Part A into the rear flange. Screw back together Part A to Part B. 

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