Rated up to 2000 HP!

Stage 3:

  • Stage 3 billet gear set made by Gforce
  • Updated Ford hard parts

  • New syncros

  • Billet 1-2 and 3-4 forks

  • New seals, bearings, etc.

  • REM polishing

  • Cryo treatment

  • Shift Weight Delete


This transmission has our upgraded 26 spline input shaft and will need a clutch to go with it.

We recomend the McLeod RXT 2018-up 26 Spline





**When ready to return core:

  • Place core into our crate we shipped your New Calimer built transmission.
  • Give us a call at 717-331-2974 to verify your shipment.
  •  Contact us through email via our website with your: Name 



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  • We will send you a Pre-paid shipping label to ship your core to us.

2018 and up Pre-built Stage 3 MT-82 D4 Transmission

Out of Stock
  • $500 refundable core charge. Approximate turn around is 1-2 days.

  • -Our Calimer Built Stage 3's gear ratio is.        GEAR    RATIO

                                                                                                  1ST        2.981 

                                                                                                  2ND        1.938

                                                                                                  3RD       1.387

                                                                                                  4TH        1.00

                                                                                                  5TH         .74

                                                                                                  6TH          .57